ACE For Windows

The Automatic Curtain Estimating (ACE) system by CCM ACE Ltd is an advanced computer software package for curtain estimating designed to run on Microsoft Windows.

It represents a significant step forward in producing accurate estimates in a fraction of the time of conventional manual estimating.

  Automatically Calculates

  • Fabric quantities
  • Pattern repeats & half drops
  • Different width fabrics
  • Unlined, Lined, interlined, fabric lined
  • Making charges per width, per metre, per item, per percentage
  • Widths in each for all headings
  • Fullness, gathering & hems, overlaps & returns

  Automatically Prints

  • Displays & prints estimates
  • Prints detailed or short estimates
  • Prints on company headed paper
  • Prints including VAT or showing VAT separately
  • Prints Workroom Sheets with cutting instructions
  • Prints Fabric Summary – adds up & shows total quantities

  Key Features

  • Ease of use
  • Estimating errors - a thing of the past
  • Under or over estimating loses jobs - be more competitive
  • Customer information at the click of a button – want to look professional or simply old fashioned
  • Staff confident in estimating – part time or Junior staff produce accurate estimates every time
  • Paperwork – no more scraps of paper, pens & calculators
  • Re calculates in seconds - swap fabric, heading, making instantly.

  Automatically Estimates

  • Headings – pinch, pencil pleat, eyelets etc.
  • Curtains, pelmets & valances
  • Frills, borders, trims etc.
  • Tie backs & fabric accessories
  • Making charges
  • Widths in each
  • Track & Poles


ACE For Windows - Lite Image
ACE For Windows - Lite

ACE Lite is the easiest ever Automatic Curtain Estimator – the first stepping stone to a faster, more accurate, and more organized way of quoting.

The transition from using paper, pens & a calculator to prepare estimates to creating computerized quotes is simple, but more importantly, this transition is necessary to stay competitive.

Using ACE Lite, estimates that once took several hours to complete can now be done in just a few minutes with speed that only ACE can give you.

Ideal for the small business, ACE LITE is a cut–down version of the ACE SENIOR program but still giving you ALL the necessary features to calculate quickly & accurately. Prints estimates instantly.

ACE Lite can be upgraded to Lite Plus or Senior by simply paying the difference in price.

ACE For Windows - Lite Plus Image
ACE For Windows - Lite+

ACE Lite+ is ideal for the small to medium size business.

A successful piece of software, ACE Lite+ produces fast, accurate estimates. Prints the estimates out showing just the information you wish your customer to see.

ACE Lite+ will save an estimate, which can then be referred to and altered at a later date. No more searching around for paperwork from weeks ago. Want to look professional or just old fashioned ?

ACE Lite+ can be upgraded to Senior by simply paying the difference in price.

ACE For Windows - Senior Image
ACE For Windows - Senior

ACE Senior is the market leader in curtain estimating software for both the domestic and contract market.

Designed and developed to help you make your business easier to manage and more profitable, ACE Senior can produce different versions of the same estimate showing the customer different options, for example the price for the job in 2 different fabrics. Should customers change their mind, SENIOR can re calculate an estimate in minutes while still keeping the original one.

Large domestic quotes and contract jobs that can take many hours of working out by hand, done in minutes! Printed estimates look professional. How many jobs could you gain by getting that all important quote out quickly.

Customers waiting for estimates only you can do. Let your staff estimate with speed, accuracy and consistency, eliminate errors permanently. ACE has “ease of use” as a priority. Staff love to estimate using ACE.

In addition to the most advanced estimating features SENIOR produces workroom sheets with cutting instructions, fabric summary and much more.

Customer and Supplier information at the click of a button allowing you immediate access to this information, no more looking round the office for pieces of paper! Names, addresses, phone numbers, email address etc. are all stored in the system.

ACE Senior can be extended by purchasing additional modules relevant to your requirments. Take a look at the available ACE add-on modules

ACE For Windows - Version Comparisson

There are so many features available in ACE for Windows and not all of them are required by all users. Take a look at our comparrison chart to see which version has the features you need.

ACE For Windows - Add On Modules

The following add-ons have been developed to complement the Ace For Windows application to help businesses to become more efficient, more competitive and more successful.

  • Scheduler
  • Backup
  • Invoice
  • Book Control
  • Purchase Order Processing
  • Statistics